When setting out to write this guide I wanted to produce a kind of 'K-Tel', all-inclusive guide to nobbling those organisations and their hardware who are destroying the planet. After a few days of outlining topics and deciding on information requirements, I gave up. I have the information to hand in one form or another, and the background knowledge to put it together - but it's just too big. On my original estimate such a document would easily exceed 250 pages. It's just not practical to continually copy off such a document.

    Therefore, I took an alternative route - produce an occasional guide on different subjects. This one covers the 'basics' - tools, tactics and skills. I have planned a more technical guide, certainly in the electronics and computer department, covering issues such as computer viruses, home-made telephone taps and bugs. With the help of others it will also be possible to put guides together on primitive incendiary devices, legal information, and information on tool stockists/suppliers. Certainly the next document, if I can get hold of the manuals, will be a detailed look (with comprehensive illustrations) at how different pieces of equipment work - and thus what is the best way to disable them.

    I hope this guide has informed you about the opportunities for 'eco-sabotage' available to the average 'person in the street'. If this concept has worked, you should have all the information you need about planning a hit, what tools to select and how to use them, a little on health and safety, and finally how to avoid getting caught by being aware of what the opposition will try and do to you, to get out and start yourself.

    Finally, I must re-emphasise the point made at the very beginning. Eco-sabotage is not a matter of mindless vandalism - it is vandalism for a purpose. Primarily, it is about making those in the 'establishment' who build roads to destroy the countryside pay the 'real' costs of what they do; it is about making things expensive by writing off a JCB every time they damage a SSSI, or burning a Caterpillar each time they build a road.

    Don't do sabotage out of anger - you will lose you head, hurt yourself or others, and eventually you will make an impulsive mistake and get caught. Instead, understand what it is you are doing, why you are doing it, and be certain of the issues involved when you start, and the set of outcomes you wish to arrive at.

    Most of all, work in a way which harms neither yourself, others, or the environment you are trying to protect.

    If you do it well, and do it right - eco-sabotage can be a very fulfilling hobby. I hope this guide helps you practice this hobby better!

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