This guide is not really about 'noble' sabotage - for example people clamping themselves to diggers on road projects. It's about taking action against the everyday destruction of the environment - it's about afforestation (of open areas), deforestation (of natural woodlands), polluting industries, and the ceaseless growth of urbanised areas while inner cities are left derelict. Specifically, it's about sabotaging machinery, and getting away with it.

    This guide I hope will help those already interested in 'the cause', and those who would like to join the cause but don't have sufficient knowledge, to get out there and make mischief. It's not a matter of revenge, for such negative motives only lead to senseless loss and destruction. Also, it's not about anger or rage, for under these very personal influences we lose all sensibility and fail to act in the interests of the wider planet. We must act in a quite straightforward manner - for centuries landowners and 'businessmen' have exploited the Earth, and grown fat on its wealth. We must, for the sake of future generations, redress the balance. We cannot take back what has been taken because the system is stacked against us. Instead we must invite their retribution by depriving them of the resources and processes which create their excessive wealth.

    I have to admit that the height of my career has been sabotaging dumpers, JCBs and 2 Caterpillars within fifty yards of the security guard's office. The worst was certainly sabotaging some road construction equipment and having to walk five miles home covered in diesel. In between I've scratched Porches, 'improved' billboards, sugared fuel stores and glued locks.

    What follows is an account of what a person could do, if they were so minded, to generally foul up, destroy, disable and outwardly smash those installations and devices which are being used by 'the opposition' to destroy the planet. Of course, lest I be accused of incitement, all the contents of this manual are purely hypothetical, and any embellishments relating to my own activities is merely illustrative story telling.... Officer. But what we have to realise is that those who would destroy the world have huge sums of money, gained from centuries of plundering natural resources, and exploiting both humans and animals. We on the other hand are a disparate, but growing, bunch of (mainly) hippies, who have had all they can stand from the system.

    Carrying out eco-sabotage

    One important point - whatever you do you should always ensure that you never cause harm to other people, or to the Earth that you are trying to protect. There's not much point in nobbling an earth mover which is building a new road bridge if you cut the fuel lines and send 200 gallons of diesel down the river. Eco-sabotage should never be conducted in a rage or anger - that way lies plain destruction and vandalism. Eco-sabotage should be planned, calmly executed, and the extent should reflect the damage that the evil-doer is inflicting on the Earth.

    This manual is oriented towards a UK audience - so if you are reading this in any other country via the Internet you'll just have to make the best you can of the content. It covers all aspects of eco-sabotage that I have used/considered in the past few years - the law, equipment, intelligence gathering and 'hit' planning. It is by no means a complete account, but if you think there are items missing or you find errors, by all means circulate your own changes.

    The most important thing I have to say to you is - educate yourselves. It may seem extreme, but before you start professionally on this sort of work you should enrol in motor maintenance or engineering evening classes at you local college, take the radio-amateur's training course, or just buy lots of DIY books and study them. When presented with something new in the field, it is experience that is the most valuable thing, not just a bigger hammer.

    Tooling is also important. You don't wreck earth-movers with a hammer and screwdriver - they're built to take impacts! It requires consideration, spanners, tungsten-carbide grinding powder, epoxy resins and slow, careful work. Mindless bashing about does little real damage, and will attract attention.

    And finally...

    No one person has written this handbook - it is the collected thoughts of a number of saboteurs (I am the editor and coordinator of the enterprise). For obvious reasons, I must decline to use my name. Unfortunately the UK authorities will not welcome this publication with the joyous praise of open government and freedom of speech. I can see 'The Sun' headlines now... "Hippies get DIY manual". Instead, I adopt a 'nom de plume' of Ozymandias, taken from the poems of Shelley - read the poem to see the irony.

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